Corporate Minutes and Resolutions

We offer free samples of corporate minutes and most corporate resolutions drafted by our team of document filing experts. Use them to create your own documents to comply with legal requirements.

Why Do You Need Corporate Minutes and Resolutions?


What are Corporate Minutes?

Corporate minutes are a written record of the discussions, resolutions, and other important information from a corporation or LLC’s shareholders meetings. When conducting business through a corporation or other business entity, maintaining accurate and complete records is always a best practice, and some record-keeping is required by law. If you fail to maintain accurate records, you and other shareholders may be exposed to unwanted future conflict and liability. You need to keep records of important information at meetings, including:

Officer and director elections
Bank account authorization
Capital distributions
Bylaw adoption or changes
Approval of major contracts
Other significant business decisions and transactions

What are Corporate Resolutions?

Corporate resolutions are records of major decisions or changes made by a corporation’s shareholders which are included as exhibits or attachments to corporate minutes. The sale of stock and changes to executive officer positions are common instances that require corporate resolutions.


How it works

GoSmallBiz provides you with sample corporate minutes and resolutions at no additional cost to assist you in preparing these types of documents for your business.