Business Mentoring: 2015 in Review

2015 Mentoring Review

As we close in on the New Year, we’re taking a look back at GoSmallBiz’s top posts in 2015. Today we look at this year in business mentoring, with 10 different guests talking with Fran about all different topics for small business owners. Go back and catch up on any sessions you missed, and review the series and sessions you enjoyed the most!

Supporting New Entrepreneurs with Jim Flannery

In February, Fran talked to Jim Flannery, the Project Director of the Four Athens startup incubator, about what he does to promote the local startup community. They discussed what startups need to focus on first and foremost, and how a startup incubator can make a difference for a new business.

Session 1: Supporting the Startup Community

The Secrets of Tax Season with Ted Jenkin

March’s mentoring series featured Ted Jenkin, the co-CEO of oXYGen Financial. Ted talked with Fran about the biggest tax mistakes small business owners make, and how they can create a tax plan to maximize eligible deductions and reduce tax liability.

Session 1: The Single Biggest Tax Mistake Business Owners Make

Developing a Powerful Team with Kory Kogon

Kory Kogon, the Global Practice Leader for Productivity at Franklin Covey and author of The 5 Choices, talked with Fran in April about building a team of people with great character and competence. She considered the ways modern teams are evolving, and the choices we can make to improve productivity.

Session 1: Trust Matters

Problem Solving for Business with Doug Haugh

In May, Fran talked with Doug Haugh, the President of Mansfield Oil Company. Doug looked at how his engineering background impacted his approach to business and leadership, especially when it comes to identifying and solving problems.

Session 1: The Engineer’s Approach to Business

Creative Thinking for Startups with Jonathan Pascual

June’s mentoring series featured Jonathan Pascual, the owner of Taproom Coffee in the Kirkwood neighborhood of Atlanta. He talked about what he was learning as a first-time business owner, and offered tips for creating a successful Kickstarter campaign for a business idea.

Session 1: Learn Your Business First

Transforming Your Business Culture with Joan Kingsley

Joan Kingsley, the author of The Fear-free Organization, talked with Fran in August about how to apply cutting-edge neuroscientific research to business leadership. They discussed the importance of managing people’s emotions, and creating a team with diverse thinking.

Session 1: Why Emotions Matter

Starting a Second Business with TJ Muehleman

In September, Fran talked with TJ Muehleman, the co-founder of Standard Code and We&Co. TJ shared his experience of what he learned from his first business, and how that affected his steps when he had the idea for a second business.

Session 1: From Raising Money to Bootstrapping

Selling Your Business with Yvonne Tocquigny

October’s mentoring series featured Yvonne Tocquigny, the founder and CEO of the digital agency Tocquigny, which she recently sold after 35 years. She and Fran talked about building an agency and what goes into the process of selling a business.

Session 1: How My Business Found Me

Thinking Big with Jeffrey Hayzlett

Jeffrey Hayzlett, primetime television host of C-Suite with Jeffrey Hayzlett and author of Think Big, Act Bigger, talked with Fran in November about how business owners can set and achieve big goals, and how to empower your employees to get the entire team moving in the same direction.

Session 1: Think Big Act Bigger

Marketing for Millennials with Ann Fishman

In December, Fran talked with Ann Fishman, the author of Marketing to the Millennial Woman. Ann is a renowned leader in studying generational trends, and they discussed the differences between generations of consumers and how to reach Millennials specifically with your marketing message.

Session 1: What Defines a Millennial?

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