Business Assessment

Big companies spend big money hiring consultants to review their business practices, analyze their status, and provide recommendations for next steps. You deserve that kind of expert insight, too! Our business assessment will walk you through the most important issues for a small business, and give specific advice for guiding your business’s future.

Why Choose the
GoSmallBiz Business Assessment?


Self-guided questionnaire

Our virtual business assessment is built around a comprehensive, self-guided questionnaire. The questions are dynamic based on your responses, to focus on issues that are most relevant to you. Your responses and assessment results are fully confidential.


Personalized insights and advice

After completing the assessment, you’ll receive a detailed, written report featuring specific, customized analysis. You’ll get a professional overview of your current status, insights on potential threats or issues, and advice on ways to protect and grow your business. And you can retake the assessment any time for additional help as things change.

Comprehensive business operations assessment

This is a truly comprehensive assessment, looking at all different aspects of your business. Take the opportunity to get an eye on your business’s:

Entity status
Legal needs
Employer status
Payroll processing