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Business Consultation

Get Expert Help When You Need It!

Our consultants are here to answer your specific business questions, anytime. It’s that simple. Ask for advice, get feedback on your ideas, or get a second opinion – we’re here to help you make more informed decisions and run a better business.

Consultant Expertise

Our consulting staff is in-house, never outsourced, and collectively has hundreds of years of combined experience. Our consultants are experienced business owners and experts in the fields of Marketing, Sales, Accounting, Finance, Operations, Human Resources, Technology and more.

Response Time

We’re dedicated to getting you the answers you need in a timely manner. That’s why most questions to our consultants are answered within 1 business day. More complex or detailed questions are answered within 2 business days.
Message From Our Chief Consultant

Business Tools

DIY Website Builder

Create a website with our easy-to-use, drag-and-drop website builder and start marketing online today.

Digital Marketing Dashboard

Monitor your website and social media key performance indicators in real time with our beautiful and simple-to-use dashboard.

Customer Relationship Manager

Three tools in one suite of software—contact management, email marketing from MailChimp, and customer issue tracking—combine to provide a better way to manage your sales pipeline and communicate with customers.

Transaction Tracker

Track your basic accounting, mileage, balances and reports with this simple tool.

Customizable Letters & Forms

Use our library of commonly used business and legal templates to easily create professional letters and documents.

HR Document Builder

Save time and money by getting all the HR documents you need in one place. Create the important HR documents your business needs, including job descriptions, company handbooks, interview worksheets, and more.

Business Risk Assessment

Assess your level of risk in five key areas: Facilities, Labor, Identity Theft, Financial, and Entity Risk.

Weekly Business Updates

Stay up-to-date on the latest business trends and know what your fellow small business owners are reading, sharing and talking about.

Corporate Minutes Writer

Manage My Minutes helps you create, organize and maintain your corporate minutes quickly and easily.

Business Mentoring from Fran Tarkenton

Engaging Business Topics

Fran and his special guests deliver engaging business video sessions each week. These 15-minute video sessions present lessons in:

✓ Leadership
✓ Problem Solving
✓ Business Relationships
✓ Motivation/Inspiration
✓ Business Fundamentals

Special Guests

✓ Authors, business leaders, academics, industry experts, and everyday entrepreneurs
✓ Guests share expertise, ideas, and vision for building strong and sustainable businesses

Weekly Sessions & Archives

✓ New mentoring sessions are delivered weekly
✓ HD video quality
✓ Every session is archived for you to watch anytime


Business Courses


Video Courses

Learn at your own pace with business courses taught by industry-leading experts, consultants, professionals, and small business service providers.

Evolving Library

Our course offerings continue to grow and are created to provide you with the most current and relevant business training available.

Comprehensive Course Catalog

Our courses include the fundamentals of startup, funding, organizing, launching, growing and running a business.

Customer Stories

Billy Whited portrait

Michelle Cutler, insideHENDERSON

“I would like to thank the authors of the responses to my recent consultation questions. I appreciate the tailored advice. I especially appreciate the response to my ad sales question. I feel that author took extra time to understand our business and what we need. The response was especially helpful — exactly the guidance we’ve been looking for.”

Billy Whited portrait

George J. Landau, Entrepreneur

Thank You SOOOOOOOOOO MUCH for your very complete answer which I received in ‘record time’! Once again you proved and illustrated what Fran has been saying for many years. Namely that GoSmallBiz is a “mile wide and a mile deep” with up to date, relevant information dispensed to us, the Members “for the asking”, by Professional Consultants who CARE about us!”

Billy Whited portrait

Mike Naughton, CEO The Social Syndicate

“Thank you GoSmallBiz team. You provided me with good answers and references. I am a long time reader of Brian Tracy (Advanced Selling Strategies is one his best books) and Zig Zigler. I have been selling professionally since 1998, and like the game of chess, I’m still learning new tricks, tips and techniques every day. “

Billy Whited portrait

Casandra Reizner, Owner, C&A Cleaning Pros

“This was my first encounter with this service and I didn’t know what to expect. The answer to my question was very detailed and clear. This one answer was well worth my membership fee. Thank you GoSmallBiz!”

Billy Whited portrait

Jennifer Bindernagel, MSW Thrifty By Nature

Thank you so much for the thoughtful thorough answers. This is exactly the information I was looking for. I will dissect and digest this information and will follow up with specific questions as needed.

This membership is a huge asset to entrepreneurial minded individuals. Your answers saved me so much time of googling answers myself and pointed me in specific directions with additional resources. This is more than I expected and I am grateful.”

Billy Whited portrait

Nicole LaBuwi, Owner First Choice Insurance Solutions, LLC

“With the knowledge and assistance from GoSmallBiz, we were able to update our web site and bring more information in a smarter way. They allowed us to provide feedback while focusing on the ultimate solution of improving our web site. The process to update and create a new look and feel was simple. The attention to detail and design was perfect. The service from GoSmallBiz was easy, smooth and detailed. We wouldn’t have an updated look and feel to our web site without the help of GoSmallBiz. I would recommend other small business’ to take advantage of the creativity, smooth process and development of a web site through GoSmallBiz.”