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Martin B.


“I was amazed at the level of detail in your reply, and with the precision of your understanding of my question.”

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    “I have been very pleased with my use of “Ask the Expert” at, I asked the consultants a question about computing technology hoping to compare the answer with the one I would receive from another very popular online “answer service.” The answer I got from came less than 24 hours later, and was incredibly detailed – far more so than I expected. Your team gave me four to five very specific URL addresses where I could learn more about my question and concerns and potential avenues for addressing my concern(s). One, in particular, was to a two-page article that went into depth about precisely the issues I was dealing with. I was amazed at the level of detail in your reply, and with the precision of your understanding of my question. The response I got from the other ‘answer service’ was ….. well, after nine days, I’m still waiting even though they billed me for $15. I did get a response about 24 hours after submitting my question, but it was from someone who told me that she helps monitor service requests and she would ‘look into’ why my question was not getting a response/reply from the technical person the question was assigned to. And I never heard from her again. So, it was an interesting experiment, leading to a heartfelt and enthusiastic testimony for the terrific service you deliver. The service saved me many hours I would otherwise have spent trying to research the problem on my own, and still never knowing if I had done enough to resolve my issue. Thank you for doing a great job. I’m excited to share this testimony with other people.

Melissa F.


“I just used my membership for the first time to answer an important business question, and it was perfect.”

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    They gave me the answer, cited the department of labor documentation to support the answer, and it was given within the one business day, almost exactly! Thank you for providing such a valuable service!

Craig P.


“I am saving a lot of time in my administrative duties and can concentrate on profitable activities.”

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    The response I received from was detailed and concise. I received the information I needed and more, which I can apply to other areas of my profession as well. Your research and response if very much appreciated. Thanks again!