QuickSwipe Mobile Payments

QuickSwipe is the premier mobile solution for businesses seeking a complete payment system compatible with your iOS tablet and phone. Get a rich feature set and the highest level of security with encrypted payments and tokenization, all backed by competitive rates and one-on-one service and support. Powered by Bluefin Payment Systems, the leading provider of secure payment technology.

Process All Payment Types

Swipe credit and debit cards using the encrypted Shuttle magstripe reader from ID Tech, or choose the QuickSwipe ACH option to have payments deducted directly from your customer’s account, either one-time or on a recurring schedule.


Set Up a Rich Catalog

Build an extensive catalog of items and products, right within the QuickSwipe interface, and add those items to your customer’s ticket.

Quickly Checkout Customers

Simply put together the customer’s ticket, process the payment, and have the customer sign on your tablet or phone with their finger.


Brand Your Solution

Use our intuitive administrative interface to customize QuickSwipe to your company, with your company’s colors, information, and logo.

Automatically Email Receipts

Receipts include company name, transaction amount, and a GPS map for the location of where the goods were purchased – emailed automatically to both you and your customer.


Never miss a sale with QuickSwipe