Form a Corporation or LLC

When you first start your business, it is treated as a sole proprietorship or general partnership. Establish a legal business entity like a corporation or limited liability company (LLC) to protect your personal assets and establish credibility with customers and potential partners.

Why Incorporate with GoSmallBiz?


Protect your personal assets

The primary benefit of forming a corporation, LLC, or other business entity is the limited liability protection that a business entity provides its owners. This limited liability protection, which is also known as the corporate veil, protects a business owner's personal assets from the claims of business creditors. It also enables the separation of multiple business owners’ assets.

Independent Contractor agreement
Debt collection
Intellectual property
Waivers and releases
Licensing agreements
Buy-sell agreements
And more!

Establish business credibility

Establishing and maintaining a legal business entity immediately provides your business a level of credibility with potential employees, customers, investors, or business partners. Knowing that they are working with an official, formal business opens the door to new opportunities.