Streamline your sales and marketing

Three tools in one suite of software—contact management, email marketing from MailChimp, and customer issue tracking—combine to provide a better way to manage your sales pipeline and communicate with customers.

  • Lead & Contact Management
  • Email Marketing
  • Customer Issue Tracker

Lead & Contact Management

Developing a steady flow of quality leads is critical to the growth of your business. Increase your sales opportunities by making sure you have detailed records for your clients and prospects.

  • Store all customer and prospect data
  • Import info from Excel
  • Add notes and documents to contacts
  • Track lead sources and assign a rating to help your marketing budget
  • Keep notes on leads and maintain an activity history

Email Marketing Tools

GoSmallBiz email marketing tools are fully integrated with MailChimp, making it easier than ever to plan, schedule, and personalize your email marketing campaigns.

  • Get on the MailChimp platform, used by 7 million people to send 500 million emails every day
  • Easy-to-use template and email creation tool
  • 2,000 contacts and 12,000 total emails per month included free
  • Paid upgrades available, including larger email lists, unlimited email plans, and automation
  • Compatible with mobile devices
  • Track what time of day emails are opened or clicked, what links people click, and reporting tools to measure individual user engagement

Customer Issue Tracker

Track, prioritize, and resolve customer issues more efficiently.

  • Track issues by customer, product, assigned employee, or date
  • Prioritize, flag, and assign issues to employees
  • Set alerts on new issues, status changes, resolutions, and more

Additional Features

Online Calendar Management

  • Schedule meetings, appointments, and customer events
  • Set up recurring events and appointments with automated reminders
  • Distribute meeting and event invitations with just one click

Task Management

  • Track contacts, leads, and tasks all in one place
  • Tie specific tasks to contacts or leads; assign responsibility, priorities, and status; and run reports and monitor tasks to ensure completion
    Sales Data Analysis
  • Input and record transactions by adding your own product descriptions and SKUs, and import batches of transaction records from other software such as Excel
  • Get customized reporting, including transaction summaries for customers, daily transaction histories, sales summaries by individual product or service for all customers, and sales by account executive, all with multiple filtering options

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