Corporate Bylaws

Bylaws are the written rules of conduct for a corporation, which create the company’s internal management structure and ensure the business’s operations. Many states require businesses to file corporate bylaws at the time of incorporation. In states where bylaws are not required for incorporation, the development of corporate bylaws is a highly recommended best practice.

Why Choose GoSmallBiz
to Help with Corporate Bylaws?


Manage how your corporation operates

Bylaws outline internal processes for your business such as the elections of directors or officers and when meetings are to be organized.


Define roles and responsibilities

Formally define your corporation’s roster of officers and summarize their duties.


Why choose GoSmallBiz to prepare your bylaws?

GoSmallBiz provides sample corporate bylaws applicable to state laws that are suitable for a wide variety of business scenarios, and which can be amended by you or your legal counsel as needed. These bylaws can be useful in a number of scenarios:

Opening a bank account
Obtaining a loan
Taking on partners/investors
Establishing your organization’s operating structure