GoSmallBiz.com Partners with NOWaccount® to Provide the Capital You Need to Grow

GoSmallBiz.com is focused on providing unparalleled resources and support to help you run and grow your business. Our partnership with NOWaccount provides a new source of capital to help you grow and thrive.

If your customers take 30, 60, or even 90 days to pay, NOWaccount lets you turn your receivables into cash – all for less than the cost of accepting a credit card for payment. With NOWaccount, you choose which accounts to receive payment on NOW®, while your customers continue to enjoy the free and flexible payment terms they require.

With NOWaccount:

  • You choose which customers to enter into your NOWaccount.
    • All of the selected customers’ invoices are submitted into your NOWaccount.
    • Customers may be removed from the system at any time.
      (NOTE: Once removed, they may not be reentered for 12 months.)
  • You receive approval decisions on your selected customers within 48 hours.
  • NOWaccount pays 90% of the invoice amount (less any applicable surcharge) within 5 business days of invoice submission.
  • You receive the 10% reserve, less the 2.5% fee, 30 days after invoice maturity
    (minimum 60 days after purchase).
  • Your fee is based on the payment terms you offer, not when, or if, the customer pays. Fee equals:
    • 2.50% for up to Net 30 Day Invoice
    • 0.25% surcharge for additional 30 Day terms
      (Ex. Net 60 = 2.75%, Net 90 = 3.00%)
    • 1% international surcharge for customers outside the U.S.
    • $35/mo. Merchant Service Fee (waived for GoSmallBiz.com members)
    • $50 enrollment fee (waived for GoSmallBiz.com members)
  • You have no credit risk on the customer.
    • NOWaccount assumes liability for customer payments.
    • You are responsible for satisfying customer disputes.



NOWaccount® is…

Fast − apply in minutes, get paid in days

Affordable – it costs less than accepting a credit card for payment 

Flexible – with no long-term contract, you choose which accounts to enter into your NOWaccount or remove at any time 

Convenient – get paid NOW® and offload accounts receivables activities 

Non-recourse − you have no risk of customer non-payment 

Non-intrusive – the process is invisible to customers 

Not a loan − no financial documentation and no personal guarantees required