Easy and convenient records management

The Employee File Manager offers an easy and convenient way to manage and organize important employee information and HR data. Store and manage all of this important information in a single, secure location on your desktop. Most importantly, the system keeps everything secure by downloading directly onto your computer to ensure that only you have access to the information.

Manage All Critical Employee Data


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What’s Included:

Employee File Manager

With the Employee File Manager, you can:

✓ Store critical human resources data in a single, secure platform
✓ Reduce your HR staffing needs
✓ Eliminate excess paper files
✓ Reduce your HR staffing needs
✓ Save time by simplifying your HR processes  

Collaboration and Security

The Employee File Manager allows you to:

✓ Control costs by facilitating collaboration
✓ Create multiple users – CEO, HR manager, etc.
✓ Install on a single computer or on an office network
✓ Improve security by restricting access to specific data

Please note: This is a desktop application and is not web-based. It is designed for PC only.

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