GoSmallBiz Custom Design Services give small businesses access to top design professionals for all your most important branding and marketing projects. Great design helps a business stand out from the crowd. A picture is worth a thousand words, and powerful design work (not only pictures, but so much more!) helps you communicate more information more quickly to customers and prospects.

How It Works

Submit your design project

Fill out a short online brief that gives our designers everything they need to know.

Then, our designers get to work!

Our designers will submit up to 30 different designs, and you can give feedback as submissions come in through our online portal.

select your favorite

At the end of the contest, select your favorite and get the design you want and need.


Build a memorable visual brand with effective design. By integrating design and brand in a strategic plan, your business becomes more memorable and creates a lasting bond with your customers. Projects include:

✓ Logos – $299
✓ Business Cards – $199Get Started
✓ Stationery – $199


Printed Advertising Materials

Grab people’s attention with professional, compelling print advertising. For all the advantages the Internet offers, nothing compares to something tangible, right there in your hand. Print advertising continues to catch consumers’ eyes and deliver them to your door. Projects include:

✓ Flyers – $199
✓ Brochures – $299Get Started
✓ Postcards – $199


Digital Marketing

Bring your business into the digital age with online advertising. Your customers are online—can they find you there, too? Projects include:

✓ Banner Ads – $199Get Started
✓ Flash Banners – $199